Another Christian school?

Is Abiding Savior Academy just another Christian school?

Abiding Savior Academy is a distinctively classical Christian culture intent on glorifying God as we help our students develop into influential Christian leaders. But is that any different than any other Christian school? Is a classical Christian school simply one that teaches Bible and Latin?

“Classical” and “christian” are not two separate components of our educational model; rather, they inform and complement one another. Not only do we seek to teach our students biblical knowledge, but in line with the extensive tradition of classical Christian education, our students learn how all knowledge centers on God: math, logic, literature, art, music, science, physical education, and history.

Our goal, and the reason for our distinctively classical Christian culture, is to endeavor for our students to know our Creator by more fully understanding the world around them. Additionally, we strive to develop within each student an ability to master new subjects and to express what they learn in a cohesive, articulate, and persuasive manner. The classical method focuses on the way language is used to learn, then to be applied, and finally to communicate and persuade. As all aspects of learning are encompassed by a Christian worldview, we are helping students not only develop and grow in their faith, but also to understand its application to the world and to communicate the tenets of their Christian faith with confident eloquence.

A school’s culture plays a significant role in a student’s education. Does the culture nurture the development of the whole child – mind, body, and soul? Does the learning environment foster a love of learning, or is the school’s focus on standard assessment? Are students known and related to as individuals with unique interests, personalities, learning styles, and needs? Is the curriculum used edifying to society and ultimately to God? Is the school’s educational philosophy and teaching approach one designed to make a student a better worker one day, or to develop life skills and character traits that will enhance all aspects of a life well-lived? 

We are proud to be part of the Christian school community in Sioux Falls endeavoring to serve our Lord through the education of the next generation. We are also proud to offer a distinctively unique option as the only full-time classical Christian school within our Christian school community.  For more information regarding how classical Christian compares to other conventional Christian schools, click on the ACCS article below.  

Elise Knobloch

Elise Knobloch

Advancement Director/Logic Teacher

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