Tuition Assistance

Abiding Savior Academy understands the financial commitment our families make to partner with us in their child’s education. Tuition assistance is available to families with students enrolled in first through twelfth grade on the basis of demonstrated need and to the extent of available scholarship monies. If you believe your financial resources are not sufficient to meet tuition costs (household income under $80,000 or an income above $80,000 but extenuating circumstances), you are encouraged to apply for scholarship consideration and opportunity.

We utilize a program referred to as TADS, which stands for Tuition Aid Data Services. TADS is a third party service that provides an analytical framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Information provided by TADS is used by our scholarship committee to help determine the level of assistance provided. This information is held in confidence.

2024-2025 School Year Tuition Assistance
Scholarship applications will be accepted beginning February 15th through April 15th, 2024. Any approved scholarships awarded by May 15th, 2024 may be eligible for a 12-month payment plan. Scholarships awarded after May 15th will assume a nine-month payment plan

How to Apply
The first step is to apply to Abiding Academy. Next, complete the TADS application. Please take a moment to review the TADS Financial Aid Application Worksheet to determine the information you will need to gather. There is an application fee to process the application through TADS.

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at

Need Assistance?
You may contact TADS directly for assistance completing the application or to check your application status. TADS can help with questions regarding the application requirements or process, but will not have award information.

Online Chat: 
Mailing Address:
Fax Number:
1201 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 100 Minneapolis, MN 55403
1-800-884-8237 (M-F, 8-8 Central)
(612) 548-3326 (24 hours)

Applications for tuition assistance may also be completed online at Failure to pay the processing fee may delay the evaluation.

Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation must be submitted to TADS via mail or fax prior to the application due date of May 15th:

  • Household members’ most recently completed federal tax forms (personal and businesses owned)
  • W-2’s from each job held by household members
  • Most recent pay stub from each job held by household members
  • Documents that establish the amount of miscellaneous monthly or yearly income you currently receive (i.e., welfare, food stamps, unemployment, workers’ compensation, etc.,)
  • All corporate, partnership, and trust forms if a household member owns 20% or more interest in a corporation, partnership, or trust
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