Tuition and Fees

We recognize the financial commitment that private education is for a family. A few opportunities to consider:
  1. Pay over twelve months, rather than nine months. Families have the option to begin making payments on June 1st prior to the incoming school in order to reduce monthly payments. (Please note, the twelve-month payment plan option is only available to those who register by March 1, 2023.)
  2. Utilize our gift card fundraising program, known as scrip fundraising. Through the purchase of gift cards, you can earn money back to directly offset your tuition costs. Contact Kayla at to learn more.
  3. Apply for tuition assistance through TADS, a third party service that helps our scholarship committee determine financial need. You can learn more about this process by clicking on the Tuition Assistance page under the Admissions tab.
Annual Tuition Curriculum Fee*9-month payment plan 12-month payment plan
3-year-old $1260n/a$140/month n/a
4- & 5-year-old $1620 n/a $180/month n/a
Junior Kindergarten $2475 $75.00 $275/month n/a
Kindergarten $4050 $100.00 $450/month $337.50/month
1st through 5th grade $4950 $180.00 $550/month $412.50/month
6th through 8th grade $5400 $180.00 $600/month $450/month
9th through 12th grade $5850 $180.00 $650/month $487.50/month
*Curriculum fee is due with first tuition payment (billed through Tuition Express) along with any additional fees (technology fee, etc.) 
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