School of Rhetoric

The Eloquent Expression of Ideas

The culmination of classical education at Abiding Savior Academy is the last four years, known as the rhetoric stage. During this time, students intentionally and extensively practice the expression of the knowledge and understanding they have gained in earlier years. In alignment with a young adult’s innate desire to debate the ways of the world around them, School of Rhetoric teachers help students hone their communicative skills and challenge their assumptions in order to promote further consideration. Students learn to engage, both in verbal and written form, in discussions that are both edifying to society and glorifying to God.

Abiding Savior Academy offers the only full-time Classical Christian educational approach in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. At its core, Classical Christian Education (CCE) trains students to be life-long learners who reason clearly, think critically, and speak eloquently.

Each of our classes are centered on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists, and therefore all knowledge is interrelated and ultimately points back to Him. Biblical standards of conduct are applied in all areas of classroom life, acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Our smaller class sizes (relative to other nearby school options) allow for our teachers to work more closely with students individually. This school environment also offers greater interaction with students from different grades, through which students learn in unique ways from each other.


  • Idealistic
  • Interested in justice and fairness
  • Able to synthesize complex ideas
  • Concerned with how others view them
  • Eager to express his or her own thoughts and perspectives


  • Oral presentations
  • Socratic Discussion
  • Cross-curricular research projects with the goal of synthesis
  • Debates
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Worldview discussions
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