Developing Students With Confidence & Compassion Through a Biblical Worldview


Cultural influences are all around us. By default, we learn what we see modeled around us. We believe that for students to learn to act and think differently than the world in which we live, they need to be taught and modeled on how to do so. In the formative years of their lives, with so much that threatens to overwhelm and influence them, we strive to build in Academy students a foundation firmly rooted in God’s truth. Classical Christian education also fosters a student’s natural curiosity to ask and learn how to wrestle through questions that help him or her understand their faith as it relates to this world, and this world as it relates to their faith.


Click on the video below to learn more about how Abiding Savior Academy couples a biblical worldview with academic rigor to help students develop into confident, compassionate leaders who influence the culture for Christ.

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