Beautiful Things Are Hard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I love food. I am not talking about a casserole or a fast food hamburger. I am talking about beautiful food. I mean an artfully crafted feast. I delight in a table loaded with baskets of bread, and too many cheeses to pronounce. Give me a landscape of bowls, stemware, and utensils of every […]

Matters of the Heart Matter Most

“I am running out of time.” Anyone else feel the daily time crunch? Maybe you scramble to do that “one more thing” before picking up your kids from school. Or you’re in the perpetual race to fit in one more work task between meetings, only to realize that your to do list grew as the […]

Academy Culture: Cultivating Mind, Body, and Spirit

My favorite short film is called “The Butterfly Circus.” This film, set during the Great Depression, is a story of a renowned circus troupe traveling around America to lift the spirits of audiences along the way. The plot centers particularly on one man – a limbless man named Will. He meets the ringmaster of The […]