Fifth Grade in January

A Doorway to New Beginnings January was named for the Greek god Jãnus, who was hailed as the keeper of doorways and beginnings, as well as the rising and the setting of the sun. January is the month that marks the beginning of a new year that, with it, often opens new doors, rolls out […]

Chasing Wonder

Letting Curiosity Lead in the Logic Stage When my kids were younger, they showed ridiculous excitement toward all things Christmas. They watched out the window to see what would happen to the Christmas lights when snow covered the bushes. They stared in awe, unblinking, at the dripping wax of the candlelight service. They bubbled with […]

Layered Learning

Seeing the Wonder in God’s World Isn’t fall beautiful? A leisurely stroll around McKennan Park in October with the colorful leaves, the earthy smells, and crisp evening air offers sensory overload with the intricacy of God’s detailed care in creating that which is good, true, and beautiful in His world.  Colossians 1:16 – 17 speaks […]